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Anne pens chapter for new book
on iconic film director John Ford

As the iron-willed auteur behind such films as The Grapes Of Wrath, The Searchers and Rio Grande, John Ford did more than any Hollywood director to define the American spirit. Anne recently contributed a chapter to Print the Legend: Politics, Culture and Civic Virtue in the Films of John Ford (Lexington Press), a book edited by Sydney Al Pearson that surveys America’s cultural and political landscape through the lens of Ford’s work.

Titled "Modernity and the Destruction of Boundaries: John Ford's The Grapes of Wrath," Anne’s chapter explores a theme that weaves through much of her own work—the ways in which Americans have created change and adapted to change, and how they have defined and responded to modernity. Here’s an excerpt:
Taken together, these films about American life leave us with the question, Is it possible we are returning to a pre-civilized state, when neither family nor community were secure, when we always had to be on the move and could not settle down, when the ethos of personal responsibility and the rule of law had not yet overtaken the wilderness? Ma Joad's lament is the lament of modern Americans:
They was a time when we on the lan'. They was a boundary to us then. Ol' folks died off an' little fellas come, an' we was always one thing—we was the fam'ly— kinda whole and clear. I can't get straight. They ain't nothin' keeps us clear. There ain't no fam'ly now.... We’re crackin' up, Tom. We ain't no fam'ly now. Rosaharn won't have a fam'ly. Kids growin' up wild without a fam'ly. Got nothin' to trust.

The book is now available at Amazon and other major booksellers

Now Available in Paperback!

The new paperback edition of Ships Without A Shore: America’s Undernurtured Children will be available from Transaction Press, on August 31. Originally published in January 2008, Ships was among the first titles to challenge today’s childrearing practices. Today it remains one of the few books to take a thoroughly researched approach to this serious subject. The provocative book has earned critical praise from academics and Mom Bloggers alike, and found an avid readership among thoughtful parents concerned not only for their children, but also for the country’s future. The paperback edition can be pre-ordered now from Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Nobles and other fine booksellers.

New Reviews Posted

Critics, scholars and bloggers alike continue to share their praise for Ships Without A Shore: America’s Undernurtured Children. Blogger ChristineMM, The Thinking Mother, calls Anne’s book “brilliant… required reading for all parents,” while Choice magazine rates it “highly recommended.” Visit the Book Reviews section to read the latest.

New Interviews Available

Anne has been busy this summer, discussing her book on a variety of radio and television formats. She’s been a guest on programs from coast to coast, including Wisconsin Public Radio, Fox TV News in Boston, Mountain Mama Radio and the Mr. Dad radio talk show, both in California. If you missed the original broadcasts, you can still enjoy select interviews with Anne at the links below.

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Audio Interview Now Available

Anne R. Pierce joined Robert Cherry in the studio to discuss her critically acclaimed new book, Ships Without A Shore: America’s Undernurtured Children. Click below to hear what Anne had to say about the current state of child-rearing practices and the implications for our children and their future.

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Closing thoughts


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“This book is brilliant… and should be required reading for all parents. I read it cover to cover with pencil in hand.”

ChristineMM, The Thinking Mother

“This is an extremely important
book on the challenges of child development at our current technological crossroads at which media is able to deliver incredible ‘programming’ to our youth to potentially disastrous effect.”

James E. Swain MD, PhD, FRCPC, Child Study Center at Yale University

“Gutsy and provocative, Anne Pierce presents an articulate, no-holds-barred indictment of current child-rearing practices. Read this book, and you will have plenty to talk—and to think—about!”

Jane M. Healy, PhD, Educational psychologist and author of “Endangered Minds; Why Our Children Don't Think and What We Can Do About It”

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